Story of my life

beep beep beep beep

I groaned and opened my eyes. I had to get up at 5:30 every day to catch my bus to school. And just like every morning I stayed in bed long enough to almost miss my bus looking like shit because there is no way in hell you have time to do your make-up. When I finally got up I hurried to the bathroom, brushed my hair while taking off yesterday's make-up. After that I threw on the clothes I wore yesterday and I ran downstairs. At that point I had 15 minutes to catch the bus. I threw some milk and cereal in a bowl and ate it while packing my lunch for that day which I wasn't going to eat anyway. I put everything in my bag and quickly left. Just like every day the bus was already at the stop causing me to make a sprint on my bicycle to catch it just in time. when I finally sat I sighed in relief. About ten minutes later I looked out the window, hoping to see Ruurdtje getting on the bus. I started laughing, she was late again. She missed her bus almost every way, despite practically living next to the bus stop. Thank god she made it, now the day is really getting started.

 When we arrived at the bus station we saw some of our classmates. We all hopped on the bus to Drachten together to go to school. Fun. Normally school was actually fun, but today I wasn't really looking forward to it. While all the others were talking I zoned out a bit. I was in that strange state where I could hear everyone around me but I was also half asleep. Half an hour Ruurdtje woke me up, apparently I had fallen asleep. I was still exhausted when we walked to school which was luckily not so far. As soon as we got there we started rolling a cigarette. Smoking made me feel a little better. I was still somehow oblivious to the world around me because suddenly everyone was inside and I was still smoking a cigarette. I threw the cigarette on the floor and stepped on it so it wouldn't burn any further. sup bruh